Online Roulette

Online Roulette is a simple game of chance where bets are placed on the final resting place of a spinning ball on a roulette wheel. There are numerous bet types that are categorised as inside or outside bet types. It is one of the most popular Casino Games of all time and although there is no skill or strategising involved, there are ways you can increase your probability of winning. Find an Online Roulette game with a high payout percentage right here at!

Online Roulette Betting Basics

The game comprises two physical parts – the gaming hardware that consists of a wheel and ball and the betting layout that features numbers 0 to 36. These numbers correspond to the numbered segments of the roulette wheel and are arranged in three columns of three clusters of 12, known as dozens, in black or red. Chips are placed in pre-determined areas of the layout to indicate the players’ current bet type.

Once the bets are placed the dealer, who is virtual in the case of internet-based Roulette in the Best Online Australian Casinos, spins the ball around the rim of the wheel in one direction while rotating the wheel in the other. When the ball slows down it slips into one of 37 numbered slots to determine the winning number. Bets are paid out according to fixed odds.

Online Roulette Bet Types

The principle Online Roulette bet types together with the corresponding fixed odds are:

•Straight, single or number bets where you wager on a single number at odds of 35:1

•Split bets where you place a chip between two numbers, either of which pays out 17:1

•Street bets where you bet on a line of three numbers at odds of 11:1

•Corner bets where you wager on four numbers at 8:1

•Six Line bets where you bet on six numbers arranged on a wide line across the betting layout at 5:1

Practice Roulette

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These are collectively known as inside bets and although they offer bigger payouts the odds of winning are much lower than that of the outside bets:

•Manqué bets where you bet on the first 18 numbers at 1:1

•Passé bets where you wager on numbers 19 – 36 at 1:1 or evens

•Red or black, even or odd and high or low bets where your bet on the number being red, black, even, odd or high or low at odds of 1:1

•Dozen bets where you correctly predict the correct dozen the number falls into at 2:1

•Column bets where you wager on the number falling into one of three columns at 2:1

Hot Online Roulette Playing Tips

When faced with a choice, always opt for European Roulette as it has a lower house edge than the American version. Concentrate on the even money or outside bets as the probability of winning is much higher. Spread your bets across several bet types and always stick to your betting budget!

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