Online Blackjack

Simple straightforward and completely captivating, Online Blackjack is the preferred gaming choice of more players than any other card game. You’ll go head-to-head with the dealer and whoever has cards with a total value closest or equal to 21 wins.

There are countless variations of blackjack online at the Best Australia Online Casinos, some with a higher house advantage than others. Unlike many other popular online Casino Games, there are strategies you can employ to boost your chances of winning. To find an Online Blackjack version with great odds and rock bottom house edge check out the top software branded casinos featured on!

Online Blackjack Betting Basics

The aim of the game is to reach 21 and once you’ve anted up you’ll be dealt two face up cards while the dealer is dealt one up card and one hole card. According to your card total you can make any number of game calls. If you hit you’re dealt another card and if the card total is over 21 you bust and the dealer wins. If the card total is below 21 you have to make another decision based on the probability of your cards bettering the dealer or equalling 21. When you stand the dealer will reveal his hole card to determine the winner. Although game rules do vary it’s usually mandatory the dealer hits on soft 17 or less.

Online Blackjack Calls

•Hit – calling for another card

•Stand – indicating no more cards be dealt and you’re content with the card total

•Double down – you agree to receive only one card after the initial cards are dealt

•Split – when two cards of the same value are dealt you split them and play two separate hands

•Surrender – you surrender based on the value of your dealt cards and the dealer’s up card and lose half your bet

Online Blackjack Strategy

There are calls that are cast in stone according to the total value of the cards in hand compared to the dealers up card. This is known as basic blackjack strategy and is available in table form at the most prominent Online Blackjack betting guides. There are obviously countless strategies you can use based on your card total and what the dealer is holding at the time. Another popular strategy is counting cards but this is never easy especially online.

Online Blackjack Playing Tips

Never opt for the insurance side bet, always make full use of Online Casino Bonuses and make sure you’re familiar with the house edge and odds of all the best blackjack variations online. Try to select a game where the maximum betting limit is no higher than 10% of your betting bankroll and never deviate from a winning strategy because of gut feel.

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