Maestro Casinos

Individually funded by Maestro branded debit cards that are accepted by an estimated 11 million vendor outlets in over 100 countries, Maestro Casinos are amongst the most financially accessible online casinos in the world. Established in 1990 as an alternative to the traditional credit card, Maestro is an integral part of the extensive Mastercard family. The secure and functional debit cards are readily available at associate banks. In Australia, Maestro debit cards are issued by all the banking brands enabling effortless access to the Best Australian Online Casinos and all the exciting Casinos Games offered online. To find an Australian casino that accepts Maestro debit cards browse our Online Maestro Casino listing compiled below at!

Maestro Casino Deposit Basics

You can open a Maestro debit account online with ease or at any associate bank. You can link it directly to your current account or opt for the prepaid version. Once the funds are loaded, the card is ready for use and is swiped at the point of sale or the card details are entered online for CNP transactions, those transactions where the cardholder is not present. To confirm the transaction the debit card number is quickly verified online as valid and containing sufficient funds. At this stage you will need to enter a unique PIN code that will finally release payment. 

Why Play at Maestro Casinos?

A prepaid debit card that restricts the size of your betting bank roll is a great reason to play at Maestro Casinos. Not only are you forced to gamble responsibly, you are not faced with a huge outstanding credit card balance at the end of the month. As with all high end debit cards you can rest assured all your casino deposits are made quickly and securely online. Apart from a unique personal identification number, a debit card number embossed into the plastic and a host of card specific security features, all transactions require additional security in the form of Mastercard’s SecureCode or the three numbers at the back of the card!

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