Citadel Casinos

Citadel Casinos enable fast, efficient and free transfer of funds online. The third party payment system offers three innovative solutions – Citadel Direct, Citadel Remittance and the prodigiously popular MyCitadel eWallet. Established in 1999, the multi-lingual online payment provider has evolved into one of the major players in the industry and is globally accepted as a secure casino deposit and withdrawal method. To find the Best Australian Online Casinos that accept Citadel as a preferred payment method browse our extensive Citadel Casino compilation listed below at!

Citadel Casino Deposit Basics

To fund your betting bankroll quickly and securely you’ll need to open an account at the official Citadel website and choose the payment solution suited to your individual requirements. With Citadel Direct the system enables a direct funds transfer directly from your internet banking account to the casino. The eWallet solution is one of the easiest Australian Deposit Methods online. It simply involves loading your eWallet with funds, selecting the MyCitadel eWallet solution as your preferred payment option and then making a deposit at the casino of your choice. The only information you’ll ever need to share with the casino vendor is a username and security code. The transaction is processed instantly allowing you play all your favourite online Casino Games without missing a beat. You can fund your eWallet directly from your bank account, with your credit or debit card or with the convenience of SecureSwipe, a bank card clone that enables transfers via ATMs.

Why Play at Citadel Casinos?

Citadel Casinos support a safe, secure and swift third party payment system that is fast becoming one of the most popular deposit and withdrawal methods online. All your personal information is encrypted and stored on the Citadel website and is never shared with online vendors. There is no irritating wait for funds to be cleared and you can top up your free eWallet account with a range of flexible options. There’s 24/7 support available in the form of live chat and toll free help lines while Citadel payment solutions support a variety of global currencies including AUD.  All payments and casino deposits are facilitated by Citadel free of charge creating a cost effective and efficient third party payment solution accepted worldwide.

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