Live Roulette: Start Playing Easily and Win the Competition

Playing roulette itself is incredibly exciting. Its online version made it accessible for a lot of people all over the globe. Now all you need to play this wonderful game is a device with a stable Internet connection. According to Australian gambling laws, you also need to be 21 or more.

The gameplay of roulette is very simple. Firstly, all players put their bets. By betting, players state what place on the wheel the tiny ball will end up in. The bets differ in payout percentage depending on what characteristic of the wheel cell the player chooses to bet on.

Secondly, the dealer starts the wheel, and the ball starts rolling. When it stops, the winners are decided and provided with their reward. The factor that makes a difference between simple online roulette and live roulette online is that the players who make bets and the dealer in the latter are real people.

Live roulette rules and details

The rules of live roulette are the same. It also has American and European styles. Its visual design corresponds with the original land-based roulette table and wheels.

The features of the game are the following:

  • there are 36 cells on the wheel that are numbered from 1 to 36, and even are colored in black, while odd are colored in red;
  • the last 37th cell that the wheel has is colored in green and numbered as zero; the American style also has the 38th green cell with double zero on it;
  • the most common house edge for the live roulette Australia is around 1.35-3.5% depending on the casino and the game provider;
  • the RTP percentage starts from 96.15%, which is also considered high.

The live option provides an incredible casino atmosphere even through the screen and allows to communicate with all players and the dealer. This is the fine variant to spend your time having fun, learning, and winning.

Bets to be made in the live version

The part of the game, in which decisions and actions of the player indeed matter, is the bet placing. Each bet has its own probability of success, which was calculated by the computer. The rarer situations offer bigger coefficients of potential wins, which means that with the same sum, the player receive bigger payouts for the bet with a bigger coefficient.

All bets are divided on inside and outside ones. These are the particular zones on the live roulette table to click on. The inside bets are:

  1. Straight up;
  2. Trio;
  3. Line;
  4. Corner;
  5. Street;
  6. Split.

These bets are made on the particular number of the cell or the range of numbers. Since the odds are lower, the payouts are high for inside bets.

The outside bets are placed on:

  1. Color;
  2. Odd or Even characteristic;
  3. Column;
  4. Dozen;
  5. Low or High (up to 18 and from 19).

These bets have low coefficients like 1 to 1 and 2 to 1 because of the high probability to be successful.

All the bets and payout are regulated by the dealer that can be seen on the screen due to broadcasting the game from the studio.

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