Live casino: reasons of becoming more popular among players

A live game is a live casino with a live dealer, where the gambler makes bets, asks questions, wins, or loses while being on a comfortable home sofa. Moreover, the location of the gamer does not matter. The main condition is the availability of a good Internet connection, as well as any gadget – smartphone, tablet, laptop, or other devices.

When playing in such casinos you can choose a game, croupier, and opponents to compete with. The game session is in real-time – there is no record or template, and all the actions are real-time. Below, we will talk about how to play at the casinos.

What is the live casino online?

Now play blackjack or roulette with a live dealer using a smartphone is not difficult at all. You don`t have to download any app to play, just go to the section “Live” at the casino`s website. Then you have to choose your favorite game and the dealer. A gambler should not doubt the honesty of the casino. The game is fair and every action of the croupier is recorded by cameras that are aimed at his hands, on a table with cards and all this from several angles. Moreover, a gamer can watch video from all cameras in real-time to make sure that he is not being deceived. When the croupier in a live casino is selected you can communicate with the dealer, ask for any nuances via the chat. If you wish, you can choose a group type of session – when several people take part in a game.

Benefits of the live dealer casino:

  1. The experience of playing in a casino with live dealers is as similar as possible to a land-based casino.
  2. The ability to communicate directly with the dealer and interact with other gamblers keeps the player in the game, constantly stimulating interest.
  3. Thanks to multitasking and gambler-friendly intervals between game rounds, the live casino gives more opportunities for simultaneous play.

Live dealer casino games

As we mentioned above let’s talk about the most popular live games.

  • Live baccarat.

Live baccarat is ideal for those players who like high stakes. It is also one of the first online games with live dealers. The most common version of baccarat is known as punto banco, although you can often find other variations of it in different casinos.

  • Live roulette.

Live roulette is a very popular choice at online casinos. After the players have taken their places at the virtual table, they have some time to think about their bets. Then the live dealer spins the roulette wheel and announces the number that has been drawn.

  • Live blackjack.

Among all the online games in the casinos, blackjack can offer the highest level of interaction between the player and the dealer. That is why live blackjack is much more popular than its regular online version.

We can also add poker and sic bo to the list of the most popular games at the live casino.

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