Live Baccarat: Rules, Tips and Gameplay of the Card Game

The game is available at all online casinos to play wherever and whenever you want. With gaining experience, you gain more and more understanding of the gameplay and its nuances. This is a card game with very simple rules and a very understandable betting system. Its live version brings even more excitement and casino atmosphere to the game.

Live baccarat: how to play the game successfully

The first of all, to feel yourself confident in the game, you need to learn all the key rules by heart:

  • faces and 10s are evaluated as zero; aces are evaluated as 1; 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 6s, 7s, 8s, and 9s are evaluated correspondingly as their nominal;
  • the game starts with providing face-up cards to the player (2 cards) and to the croupier;
  • the combination of two cards is counted and the one that is nearest to 9 wins;
  • if the combination is counted 10 and more, the first figure of this count is discarded;
  • if the players’ combination is counted 5 or less, he is granted another card;
  • all players can bet on the case when the player wins, the case when the croupier wins or the case when they are equal (the tie).

The whole process of the game is quick. All four steps are made one by one immediately:

  1. placing the bets;
  2. distributing the cards;
  3. estimating and comparing the formed combinations;
  4. distributing the third card if needed;
  5. naming the winners and making all payouts.

The rules are basic and easy to remember, so you can start playing right away.

Live casino baccarat: the types

Live games are very popular and therefore, all baccarat types can also be played live:

  1. the most spread type of live baccarat in the US, Australia and many other countries – Punto Banco; the casino (the croupier) works as the bank in this type;
  2. the popular type in Europe – Chemin De Fer; all gamblers become the bank one after one; here the player that receives the combination estimated as 5 can claim one more card;
  3. another European type – Baccarat en Banque; the type is played with 3 decks; the gambler can buy the post of the bank, however, the biggest risk will be then put on him;
  4. the American type – Super Pan 9; only one deck of just 36 cards in it is applied in this type; here gamblers collect three cards each for the final combination;
  5. the most popular type in Asia – Three Card Baccarat; also, only one deck is applied in it; gamblers also collect three cards each for the final combination and the one with 3 face cards is the winner.

In the live dealer baccarat, the gameplay is significantly affected by the presence of real people in the game. It feels like real competition and makes the process much more exciting.

What newbies in baccarat should do first

When you only start your way in the game, try to make betting as easy for yourself as possible. Remember that the croupier is a bit more likely to win than the gambler because he needs only to adjust his moves to the gambler’s moves. So making such a bet, you will probably save more money even with a commission of 5%.

Before starting the serious game in live baccarat, you should also try free play in demo versions in order to learn the rules, get familiar with the game process, and master your strategy.

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